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Re: new system

* Brad Cramer (cramerb@gte.net) [011002 20:46]:
> I am getting ready to build a new box and I would like to make it like
> the one I am currently using. I am running Sid updated daily. Is there
> a way to do a base install of potato on the new system then change
> apt.sources to point to sid and is there a file I can copy from my old
> system that will install all the same packages I currently have
> installed so I don't have to go through the headache of remembering
> everything I have installed up to this point. If there is such a file

dpkg --get-selections | ssh newbox dpkg --set-selections

> what is it and if this is possible is there anything I need to watch
> out for?

make sure the new box has updated its available packages list before
doing that (with dselect update). Also, dpkg --set-selections requires
root, so my spiffy pipe will only work if the newbox permits root logins
via ssh or if you stick a 'sudo' in there or something.

good times,

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