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Re: IP Alias

* Chad Morgan (chad@ns.enhancetheweb.com) [011002 16:29]:
> Hello,
> I set up an IP Alias on my system but I'm unable to access the aliased IP
> address from other computers.
> I have:
> eth0, IP Address A - can ping from my computer and from other computers
> eth0:0, IP Address B - can ping ONLY from my computer but not from others. It
> is listed in ifconfig
> When I reverse the addresses
> eth0 = IP Address B and
> eth0:0 = IP Address A
> the same thing occurs.
> I've followed the HOWTO and haven't been able to find any thing that I'm
> missing. Any ideas on something else I should be looking at.

what are the addresses and netmasks you're using?

good times,

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