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Re: esd esdctl?

* Robert L. Harris (Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net) [011003 10:32]:
> Debian sid box running gnome.  I have esound installed and esound-common.
> When I do a "ps -eaf | grep esd" it doesn't find anything.  I also can't find
> which package contains esdctl which used to be the way to start and stop 
> the esd daemon.

> Anyone know which package?

/usr/bin/esdctl is part of esound-clients

I have esound, esound-common, and esound-clients, and It Works For Me.
If just having those packages doesn't start esound under gnome
automatically for you, check gnome's sound configuration, and ensure
that the "start sound server" checkbox is selected. If it's still not
working, ask again and I'll dig through my config files to try to find
out where it's started from. (My initial searches returned nothing

good times,

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