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Re: downloading debian

* kumar suresh (listuser@yahoo.com) [011003 07:13]:
> Hello,
> We tried to download debian cdimages as instructed by
> the latest psudo-image kit but from most of the sites
> we were unable to download the required files. With
> many sites, the make-psudo-imaage command terminated
> immediately and with someother sites we could donwload
> only upto 21MB or so. Thereafterwards,
> make-psudo-imaage command returned the prompt
> immediately.
> So is there any site from where we can get latest
> debian? 

See www.bradmont.net (which, unfortunately, seems to be down at the
moment). I'll burn and mail you one for the cost of the disc + shipping,
mail me privately if interested. (potato discs only right now.)

good times,

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