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Re: list etiquette

On Mon, 01 Oct 2001 11:40:57 BST, Alex Hunsley writes:
<from a non-faked address, indeed>
>Robert Waldner wrote:
>> And for seeSigForAddress@privacy.com: well, you obviously need a more
>>  reliable way to bloody *always* include your .sig... Btw, is
>>  privacy.com your domain or are you affiliated? I'd guess no, and they
>>  probably be won't be too happy about you forging an address of theirs,
>>  what with them having to handle all the bounces and such... 
>>  I own a
>>  domain which is a target for such utterly clue- and witless fraud
>>  myself and have actually *sued* someone for forging addresses, y'know.
>This is getting too personal and unpleasant and so this is the point
>where I unsubscribe.

Why? I didn't say (or mean!) to sue _you_. (I wouldn't be entitled to 
 do, you're not trespassing (sp?) on my rights here).

And for unsubscribing here:
- I'm only one person, if you have problems with me, say so, I'll just 
 do the equivalent of killfiling you.
- if you use debian, it's probably a quite good idea to participate here
- as for unpleasant: that's just life, I'm afraid.

>Robert, chill the fsck out. I'm not saying don't point these things out,
>just watch the vitriol.

And I thought I'd watched my temper.

Ok, maybe I overreacted. `xcuse, please.

But maybe a little discussion of /why/ faking otherwise valid addresses 
 is a Very Bad Idea.

Let me tell you a story, just because I know this very example best:

I own/have a domain. There is the possibility in local slang to read it 
 as "didn't do it". So, some (IMO) morons come and put something like 
 "I@didn't do it" in web-forms, using "Rob@didn't do it" as faked 
 email-addresses and such. At one point I had to handle approx. 40 mails 
 each day (not really counting spam, I've got pretty effective filters 
 there) per *day*. But I never knew who was using my address 
 ("Robert@didn't do it" in that case). S/he did a pretty effective job 
 of only using a certain, very abuse-wise unresponsive ISP. But one day, 
 after about a year, s/he made a mistake. Even from the same country as 
 I am, used the address via a local ISP. So what should I have done? I 
 filed a proper complaint (which is equivalent to fraud), and s/he got 
 fined. That's fine with me, s/he was harrassing me for almost a year. 
 And cost me money, I pay for my traffic.

So my opinion is: if you really think it's effective to use a fake 
 address (I doubt that), please make sure that you don't simply 
 put the load on someone else.

-- Blessed are the PHBs-who-do-not-understand-hardware, for they can be
-- coerced into signing for upgrades to make life a bit more tolerable

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