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Re: OT: html or text to rtf conversion tool?

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 11:32:42PM +0100, Andreas Obermaier wrote:
>thanks for the offer.  And yes, I am trying to use my computer as a
>tool.  I want to find a solution to come up with an acceptable format
>for my cv from within Linux.  This should be consistent with your view
>of computers, yes? ;)
>I know this will take considerably more effort, but when I am done, I'll
>most likely know everything about rtf and any other text format. :)
I'll watch with interest.  Being forced to shell out over $2000 to
upgrade my team from Office 95 to Office 97 (the two produced
incompatible documents and the filters didn't work) is what led to my
original interest in free software as opposed to just Linux as a cheap


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