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Re: network

Thus spake Hans Steinraht:
> On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 11:12:49PM +0000, Hans Steinraht wrote:
> I just tried make menuconfig but make (very nice to install on Debian) didn't recognized 
> the option menuconfig.
> I'am going to look how to compile a kernel (I knew that once the first time should come).
> What I do not understand is that why the IP-masq option isn't enabled in my potato-Debian.
> Is it possible that I have missed something during the installation?
> Thanks for all the advice for now,
> Hans

ehlo -
you have t be in the directory /usr/src/linux when you make menuconfig
or make xconfig.  Also, Ip masquerading is something that is usually an
optional thing compiled in - if you're running a vanilla kernel, it's
probably not.
Good luck,

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