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Re: Debian installation inside a live linux

on Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 07:20:10PM -0400, igor@ta2000.dyndns.org (igor@ta2000.dyndns.org) wrote:
> Hello.
> Is there way to launch debian installation from inside a live Mandrake
> system?  There is a currently linux kernel 2.2.19 running.


I've used the 'chroot' method.  There are a number of different
variants, I brought my system down to do it, but you should be able to:

  - Dedicate partition(s) to the Debian install.  Depending on how far
    you plan to progress, give that 120MB - multiple GB.

  - Untar the base tarball into this partition.  You'll find this in
    section 5.5.4 of the Installing Debian guide:


  - Explore the results, if it looks like you've got a good system,
    chroot into it running bash:

        $ cd /debian-install
	$ chroot . bin/bash

  - You'll have to do some stuff manually for starters, but you should
    be able to apt-get or dselect the additional packages you require.

> I'm planning to replace a mandrake system that has no video card
> inside.  So if I boot of debian installation floppy disk, I have no
> way of seeing the output.


Anyone know of a way of specifying a serial-out getty from the boot
prompt or by modifying a floppy?  I've considered this in the past,
never really explored it.

With serial output, you can connect to the system with another box via
minicom, or even a Palm or other handheld with the appropriate vtXXX
emulation software.

Regarding configuring network support, etc., you'll want to be careful
about this as you're running essentially two different systems on the
same box.  Getting into a fight over who's really in charge could get

I *have* mounted /proc multiple times on systems though ;-)


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