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Re: Debian installation inside a live linux

On Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 07:20:10PM -0400, igor@ta2000.dyndns.org wrote:
>Is there way to launch debian installation from inside a live Mandrake system?
>There is a currently linux kernel 2.2.19 running.
>I'm planning to replace a mandrake system that has no video card inside.
>So if I boot of debian installation floppy disk, I have no way of seeing the 
>Any other installation methods would be appropriate in my case ?
>I was thinking about installing it somewhere else and then copying the files 

Go to www.gentoo.com and see the build from CD instructions.  The distro
aims to be a new version of Linux based on a Python ports-like service.
It didn't work for me when I took a look at it.  The ports seem to
fail, the usergroup unresponsive and I actually feel warm and fuzzy
about Debian.  But the chroot build instructions are exactly what you


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