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Re: Package optimization

* Jeffrin Jose T. (jeffrin@msservices.org) [010930 16:59]:
>   Hello all
>  Is it possible to make *k7.deb instead of *i386.deb ?

See dman's post to understand why it's not done regularly (as in, in the
archives). If you do still feel you want binaries optimized for your k7,
you can download dpkg-dev and build them yourself. Get the sources with
'apt-get source' (after adding deb-src lines to your sources.list). Then
use dpkg-buildpackage to build custom debs. You'll probably find that
dman was right, and with the possible exception of a few special
packages, it's more trouble than it's worth (but at least you'll learn
about how packages are built).

If you go ahead with it and need help, you know where to look. (There's
good documentation you should refer to before asking us again, but of
course, we are always here to help.)

good times,

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