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Re: libc6 upgrade question

On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 09:39:30PM +0200, Timeboy wrote:
>  The current libc6 version of woody depends on nothing. But you
>  need to update locales. Also a package from glibc source. 
>  However, you sholdn't update your libc6 if you have no problems 
>  with reiserprogs. I did this bevore some months. All was fine.
>  But since i use Woody i saw: a Potato with libc6 of Woody is 
>  much slower. Seems that the Woody libc6 is too new for Potato. 
>  Timo
Hello Timo!
Thanks for the reply, but I've allready made the described step, AND I
recompiled the kernel against the new libc6. -Maybe that might be where
your slowlyness came from? At least I hope it for my case :)

-can you give me any pointers, how I could test the fact of having
slowed down my system with my actions?
-how do I revert my last libc6-upgrade? just excluding the woody entry
from sources.list, rerun aptitude and downgrade to a previous version of
libc6, or do I have to force smth.?


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