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Re: kernel 2.4.10 and linus vs ac VM?

Randolph S. Kahle wrote:

>Can someone help me understand if I should move to the new VM or just
>wait for this to all get sorted out? What is being done for the next
>release of Debian? (I'm running 2.2r3 with Adrian Bunk's 2.4 packages).

If you're running a production server running 2.4.x kernels , you'll
benefit a lot if you up get the upgrade to 2.4.10. New VM - it's got
a better swap management system which results in almost 0 swap space

However, I would not recommend such if you'll use it as development
machine. I tried to recompile GCC-3.0.1 on it while creating my own
linux from scratch system and it would always go with a segmentation
fault during bootstrapping. I downgraded the kernel to 2.4.9 and the
problem went away. Btw - I'm using GCC-3.0.1 so this somehow affects
the results.

However, I tried recompiling the kernel in 2.4.10 and it still works though. This is maybe due to the fact that recompiling gcc spawns a 
lot more dynamic variables into memory as opposed to recompiling the kernel. I may be wrong on this, but this is just what happened to me just some time ago.

Paolo Falcone


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