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debian Xwindows -- query

Hi, i try to install the xfree86*.deb files and some other libraries, and i
choose fvwm for my desktop. And i installed xterm and netscape only..

this was in "dselect", now after the dselect installed/configured the

i started running XF86Setup to setup some other things..

then after that

i run startx on the console, it started successfully, but on my desktop only
xterm is there..

i mean a blank desktop and only xterm is running, its weird..

btw, on my first installation i did choose the export option, because i
wanted to choose the packages which i really want on my machines :)

thank you..

louie miranda (axishift.ath.cx)
Security Is A Series Of Well-Defined Steps

chmod -R 0 / ; and smile :)

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