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Re: Simple backups

On Friday 28 September 2001 11:53 pm, Mark Lanett wrote:
> From: "Daniel Toffetti" <dtoffe@softhome.net>
> Backups in general:
> rsync --verbose --archive --delete SRC DST
> e.g. rsync ... ~ /backups
> Filesystem-level backups:
> /etc/fstab: /dev/hda4 /backups ....
> mount /backups
> rsync --one-file-system --archive -H --delete / /backups
> umount /backups
> Or dd, or tar, or cpio.

What are the benefits of using rsync instead of one of the above?

> I don't think you could actually boot off the backup partition in an
> emergency, because the lilo map and fstab would be wrong for it. But this
> is not a brick wall.
> ~mark

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