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Re: No Gnome panel

 Subject: Re: No Gnome panel
 On Tuesday Sep 25 00:02 Rodin Fadul wrote:
 > ** /dev/dsp: Permission denied.
 /dev/dsp is an audio device. I mean running the gnome-panel without
 Gnome is possible. But it is a part of Gnome. And Gnome needs audio
 support. Maybe you should install the base packages of Gnome. Package
 gnome-session and its depended packages.
 > ** **WARNING**: Root window clicks will not work as no GNOME-compliant window 
 > ** manager could be found.
 Looks like you have no window manager installed, whiwch is good for 
 working with Gnome. I reccomend sawfisch.
 > ** /dev/dsp: No such device
 This looks like you have no sound hardware configured. Doesn't matter.
 Gnome can work without sound. You can disable Gnome sound with the
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