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Re: mixture of potato & testing

on Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 03:41:20PM +0000, Vittorio (vdemart@supereva.it) wrote:
> I have an almost pure potato 2.2r3 installation (only 2.4.9 kernel is
> a stranger!) and now I need to download gimp 1.2 which is part of
> woody & testing.  Issuing 'apt-get install gimp1.2' from woody I see
> that it requires to download some more new-updated libs and many files
> for  xfree86 4.1. 
> Before going on with this 'dirty' action I'd like to have your most
> revered advice.

Strongly discouraged.

Either stick to 'stable' (Potato), or make the switch to 'testing'
(Woody).  My experience has been that Woody's generally quite usable.


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