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[tpeters@xs4all.nl: XF86 on Debian documentation]

Would someone please help this gentleman out?

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I freshly installed Debian (Progeny actually) on a new disk.  First I got
the problem that X isn't working the way I like it, and then I got the
problem that I cannot find documentation on how exactly X is supposed to
work on current Debian systems.  Since you are the package maintainer, I
thought I should write you directly.

I really hate xdm (gmd, kdm).  I want to do a startx whenever I need
X, usually as a mortal.  However, on my latest installation I am told that
this user is not allowed to start X.  Says who, why not, and what can I do
about it?  The /usr/X11R6/bin/X program is setuid and setgid root, as it
is on my previous installation, but when I run it I get that message
anyhow.  I tried tracing what happens in and after the startx script, but
I lost track.

On debian-user someone suggested that this is configured in
/etc/X11/Xserver, but I believe that that file is obsoleted: it is not in
my new install, `dpkg -S` doesn't know about it (apparently on my old
installation it is a relict of a previous Debian version), and I cannot
find it documented anyways.  Note that this file used to contain the name
of the actual X server, but apparently that has been replaced by an
old-fashiond symlink.

So I like to know exactly how the various X components are put together
and configured in current Debian systems.  Is that documented
somewhere?  What I do find are release notes and generic X stuff that
apparently does not relate well to how the Debian system actually is put
* What is the preferred way of starting X?
* What is the proper sequence of events?
* What exactly are the executables, scripts, and config files that are
used, and where are they supposed to live?
* How and where is all that configured:
- X server
- access (mortals must be able to run X, not just root or gdm!)
- programs to start (desktop manager, window manager, application
launcher, initial programs)
- X defaults.

	Any guidance will be welcome.

	Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters
		NL-1062 KD nr 149	tel.    +31-204080204
 			Amsterdam	e-mail  tpeters@xs4all.nl

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