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Re: Centralizing apt-get downloads

* Andrew Perrin <aperrin@email.unc.edu> spake thus:
> Folks-
> I have a home setup with a DSL line coming in to one debian box, then two
> other debian boxen connecting to it via ipmasq.  Each box is set up to do
> an apt-get update; apt-get upgrade on a periodic basis for security and
> up-to-dateness reasons.
> My question is this: effectively, each time they upgrade, I'm downloading
> three copies of each package separately. Is there a relatively easy way to
> archive the files locally and have the two boxen behind the ipmasq'ed
> computer just get their updates from it?

It is relatively simple to just copy the *.deb's over from one machine
to the others. The *.deb's themselves are in /var/cache/apt/archive. If
you have the same sources.list on all the three machines, you can just
copy  /var/lib/apt/lists/*.* over to the other machines in the same
directory. Then you can skip the update, just go ahead and run upgrade
or dist-upgrade. 


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