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Debian ipmasq

Hi all,

I'm running Debian ipmasq on the gateway machine in my company's LAN
(Debian potato).  ipmasq worked great out of the box with the default
configuration; it was just what I needed.  It correctly identified all the
internal interfaces and allowed forwarding between them, and applied
masquerading to the external interface.

I have added an ISDN interface to the machine, through which I connect to
another of our offices (point-to-point interface obviously).  ipmasq
correctly identified the interface as internal, and allows forwarding
between the remote and local ISDN interfaces and all the other local nets.

However, the remote ISDN interface is a gateway to the remote network, and
I want to allow forwarding between that remote network and all the
internal interfaces on the gateway. 

ipmasq doesn't know about the remote network because ipmasq only knows
about broadcast networks directly connected to interfaces.

What's the best way to let ipmasq know about this network?

Thanks and best regards,

George Karaolides       8, Costakis Pantelides St.,
tel:   +35 79 68 08 86                   Strovolos, 
email: george@karaolides.com       Nicosia CY 2057,
web:   www.karaolides.com      Republic  of Cyprus

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