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Re: abiword unstable in testing??

on Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 06:28:42PM +0000, joe golden (jg1024@hotmail.com) wrote:

> Has anyone tried running the debian unstable version of abiword on the
> testing branch.  I know this is not recommended, but I need no
> glitches in output. We have a secretary very used to wysiwyg word
> processors.
> If this is workable how do I get and install the package?  I am somewhat 
> spoiled by the ease of the debian package system.

You can download the .deb from the Sid/unstable track on a 'testing'
box.  Try installing it via dpkg.

My experience in the past has been that packages installed in this
manner _usually_ work.  It's a lot less risky running a few Unstable packages
on Testing than it is, say, to run Testing or Unstable packages on
Stable.  You're usually only dealing with a few minor revs.  Though you
*are* taking things into your own hands doing this.

I revved Galeon a ways back like this and had to resolve a number of
dependencies manually but got a functioning system and a far improved
version of Galeon at the time.


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