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Re: Modem Question

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 13:24:32 EDT, Narasimhamurthy Giridhar writes:
>I had recently posted a question regarding the availability of a driver
>fpr a V.90 modem. Many replied saying that this much info was inadequate
>to tell anything. So I have gathered as much info as i culd have
>considering that I bought the PC from a vendor and didnt assemble on my
>own. Here are the deatils.
>Its a PCTel V.90 56K modem. Manf: MAC(this is what the WinME Hardware
>Config blah blah blah says).
>I dont know if its a micromodem ....neither am i able to fig out wot
>chipset it uses(PCTel 789T, 789T-A, 789T-c are ones I found on the web).
>Is there any way I can find out ??

First of all: is it an internal or external modem?

If the latter, USB or serial?

If the latter, you´ll quite probably won´t have any problem, if it´s 
USB maybe someone ´round here with such modern equipment can help. But 
if it´s an internal modem your best bet will be googling "pctel v.90 
linux" or the like ;-)

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