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Re: Compiling Mozilla Problem

Timeboy <timohart@gmx.at> writes:

> On Wednesday Sep 12 14:17 Banyan Y.J. Chan wrote:
> > **   There is libgtk1.2 pakage in my system.
> > ** And there is no "gtk-config" file in the result of "dpkg -L libgtk1.2".
> > ** How can I compile mozilla-0.9.3?
> There is a file that contains all files of the Debian system called
> i386-Contents for the i386 binarys. If you download this from an
> Debian ftp server and unzip it you can findout to which package
> gtk-config belonges by typing:
> # grep gtk-config i386-Contents
> Cause mozilla-0.9.3 is a Sid package you should look in Sids Contents
> file.
> Timo

Or you can use the web interface:


jorge santos

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