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Printing .pdf files

I am getting totally frustrated with trying to print .pdf files.

Here is my setup:
Printer: HP1220 - Laser with post-script level 2 emulation
Print driver: CUPS (the potato version - cupsys_1.0.4-9_i386.deb)

What happens is, I have heaps of trouble trying to stop the edges of
pages being chopped off.  It seems to print OK, but the top part of the
document is missing.  Yet there is a margin of some 7-8 mm at the top
with nothing.

I have tried passing -o page-top=70 arguments to the command.  I even
tried the following:
lp -d hp1220-fullpage -o page-left=70 -o page-right=70 -o page-top=70 -o
page-bottom=70 lect10-1.pdf
But it made no difference to the output.

Is there some GUI based application that will allow you to view and
print .pdf files and adjust their margins etc.?

I have tried the following:
gv doesn't allow you to adjust margins and didn't help me.
xpdf didn't have the right font capability or something since the page
was all fuzzy and it printed mostly blank pages.
acrobat reader (potato version) crashed.

What do you use on a potato system?


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