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Re: apt-get problem workaround... is this a bug?

%% "der.hans" <deb-user@LuftHans.com> writes:

  >> So, I have no idea whatsoever why APT 0.5.4 hasn't migrated into testing
  >> yet...

  dh> Does it depend on apt or something that uses apt to get the
  dh> correct results?

No idea...

  dh> BTW, for the workaround, just taking unstable out of sources.list
  dh> fixed the probs. Didn't even have to do an update again to get rid
  dh> of them.

Yep, that's exactly what I did too:

> On a whim I just commented out the unstable lines in sources.list and
> re-ran "apt-get upgrade" (no update first), and it worked!

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