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Re: want to install potato

--- Christian Eckert <c_eckert@gmx.net> (2001-09-12 18:00):
> I want to install the current stable version (in my opinion this is potatoe) on my pc at home.
> This pc has an old 90MHz pentium, 64 MB Ram, 10GB SCSI Harddisk and a SCSI
> Cd-Rom with an ADAPTEC Controller 294? an of course a 1.44MB floppy.
> At the moment this pc has no internet access.
> However I have the opportunity of another windows-pc with a very fast and cheap internet access.
> So I like to download all the files I need via ftp from the german ftp-mirror  ftp.de.debian.org 

I'd suggest downloading the potato iso images from cdimage.debian.org
or from www.linuxiso.org.  You'll need the 3 binary CDs, and since
you're not in the US, make sure that you get the binary-1-NONUS.iso
instead of the normal binary-1.iso.

Burn them onto CD using the Windows machine, and then boot with them
on the P90 (I'm pretty sure all the Adaptec 294x controllers have
bootable CDROM support).


Sean Quinlan (smq@gmx.co.uk)

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