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Re: XML Tool Server problem

--- Jan Ulrich Hasecke <janulrich.hasecke@web.de>
> Thanks for the quick answer!
> But ... :-( 
> Danie Roux <droux@tuks.co.za> writes:
> > Wild shot in the dark. Do you have a jdk
> installed? If not, put a line
> > like this in your sources.list
> > 
> > # Blackdown Java
> > deb
> woody non-free
> > 
> > and 
> > 
> > apt-get install j2sdk1.3
> I installed jdk1.1 then xae
> I installed j2sdk1.3 then xae
> But no success.
I think that's the right direction. type 
%java -version 
This is to verify you can get to 1.3. If you can't see
it, you might want to try setting JAVA_HOME to the
main subdirectory you installed 1.3 to (probably
/usr/jdk1.3 but check on your system)
and JAVA_PATH set to the bin subdirectory under
JAVA_HOME. Setting environment variables on the fly
(as an exercise for myself) is done by typing the
%export JAVA_HOME=/usr/jdk1.3

Hope this helps

Scott Hamma

P.S. Thanks for the info on an XML editor for emacs.
I'll try to set it up at home and let you know the

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