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Re: seeing umlauts in mutt (works okay in vim, not mutt)

* Volker Schlecht (vschlecht@gmx.net) wrote:
> set locale="C"		       # I prefer english UIs to the German translations...
> unset allow_8bit  
> set charset="iso-8859-1
> set send_charset="us-ascii:iso-8859-1:utf8"

I take it that there should be a closing double quote finishing off
that set charset line?  Where did you get these configs?  I've dug
into the vast manpage, but I must have missed the relevant bits.
And finally, for those like myself, who are at a bit of a loss in this
vast world of configs, what does that last line do?

Mike Pfleger

There's seventy brilliant people on earth.
Where are they hiding?
"Yashar" -Cabaret Voltaire (off of "2x45")

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