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Re: Upgrading Kernel to 2.4

"John Purser" <jmpurser2@home.com> writes:

> Good Morning,
> I installed Woody but the output from uname says that I'm running kernel
> 2.2.19.  I'd like to upgrade my Kernel to 2.4.  I've run "apt-get
> dist-upgrade" but uname still says I'm running 2.2.19.

dist-upgrade (and upgrade) won't upgrade the kernel automatically
because the different kernel versions are different packages. This
is done on purpose... first so that people have to make the decision to
upgrade explicitly and, second, so that multiple kernels can be installed
(there may be more reasons, I suppose).

> What kernel is woody supposed to be running?  Did I do something wrong in
> the installation?

I believe the current default on woody is 2.2.19 so, no, nothing is
wrong with your installation (in that respect, at least).

> How do I get to a 2.4 kernel?  Should I download the kernel and install it
> (the debian way of course) or is there a good reason not to do this?

woody currently has 2.4.8 and 2.4.9 from the 2.4 series. Search for
kernel-image on http://packages.debian.org and run apt-get install
kernel-image-<add-version-and-processor> with the packages that best
suits your needs and computer. For instance, I just installed
kernel-image-2.4.9-686 on my PIII 500 and PII 233 machines (look at the
package descriptions for more information).


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