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Re: Upgrading Kernel to 2.4

> I installed Woody but the output from uname says that
> I'm running kernel 2.2.19.  I'd like to upgrade my Kernel
> to 2.4.  I've run "apt-get dist-upgrade" but uname still
> says I'm running 2.2.19.
> What kernel is woody supposed to be running?  Did I do
> something wrong in the installation?

A quick search at http://packages.debian.org on the term
'kernel' in the testing branch shows 2.2.19 as the highest
kernel version.

> How do I get to a 2.4 kernel?  Should I download the kernel
> and install it (the debian way of course) or is there a good
> reason not to do this?

Switch to 'unstable' or do it 'the Debian way'. I run
'unstable', but also compile my kernel from sources, the
non-debian way. It works just fine that way too...


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