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Re: problem with ppp and 2.4.7

On Sunday Sep 09 18:35 Philipp Bliedung wrote:

> ** It doesn't seem like the IRQ is already used, right?

Yes! And if i make cat /proc/interrupts, i see there i no interrupt
used on my system for ppp. Your strange error messages i never had.
But i had some trouble too while compiling a 2.4.x kernel with ppp
till i find out that some settings in kernel*/.config was missing. 
If you use make menuconfig for kernel configuration make shure that 
the following is enabled:

Network device support --->
	Network device support
	Dummy net driver support
	PPP support
	PPP support for async serial ports
	PPP Deflate compression
	PPP BSD-Compress compression

Hope this can help you!


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