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Re: Re: Full screen on xine

> > Hi,
> > I am unable to make xine display fullscreen. The "F" key
> does not work
> even with the " -pf" option . Any ideas?
> > regards
> > bt
> With the version (0.4) currently available from debian you
> need to make
> sure your videocard/driver supports Xv (Xvideo). In XFree 4.x
> (which is
> the one everyone should be using), you can determine this by
> typing
> "xvinfo" in your favorite X terminal. The output should at
> least fill up
> your screen ;-)

I can run under full screen mode by pressing 'F' but when I do
the a xvinfo i get:

X-Video Extension version 2.2
screen #0
	no adaptors present



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