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Re: buggy broadband (?)

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 02:58:42PM -0400, Don Berkich wrote:
| So now my problem, apparently, is how to get the signal boosted.  I
| asked the tech about sending someone to amp the line.  Here, roughly, is
| the conversation.
| "If it is deemed necessary to put an amplifier on your line, then we
| will send someone out to do so."
| "So, like, when is it deemed necessary?"
| "IF it is deemed necessary, we will send someone out."
| "And we know it's necessary when..."
| "Give us a call if you have any more problems, however I must tell you

So here's where you hang up and call rigth back <0.1 wink>.

| that we do not support linux, and that is probably your problem."

Of course!  It must be your problem, not theirs.

| Doh!  Yes, I'm an idiot.  Will someone kick me in the head, please?  I
| did, indeed, mention the "L" word.  I'd no idea that all the stories
| about hostile unhelpful reactions were true.  I thought maybe times had
| changed.
| So now what should I do?  I need a white-paper specifying acceptable
| power and noise ranges.  Are there any helpful ATT techs out there with
| this info?  Where is the "DSL Reports"?
| I suppose I could put the modem on a win95 box and start screaming
| bloody murder at ATT.

Yeah, that's probably your best bet -- put a "supported" OS on the
modem and then tell the tech it's his problem.


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