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Re: Gnome Freeze (me too!)

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 11:38:04AM -0600, Rick Macdonald wrote:
| On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, dman wrote:
| > On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 11:22:23PM -0600, Rick Macdonald wrote:
| > | Worse! I think I had the wrong sound card driver. I've rebuilt the kernel
| > | sound, but now I get the dreaded "Can't Open /dev/dsp device". I haven't
| > | figured out why yet.
| > 
| > I recommend building all the (potentially relevant) sound drivers as a
| > modules so that you can toy with them and try different settings
| > without going through a recompile and a reboot.  If some specific
| > kernel features aren't absolutely essential then you could use a stock
| > kernel to figure out what you need for sound since the stock kernels
| > come with just about everything in module form.
| Good idea. I still have the original potato kernel (since upgraded to
| woody/sid) so I tried it. After trying several other drivers I went full
| circle and convinced myself that I do have the right driver (i810_audio),
| which is the one that caused sawfish to hang when gnome window events had
| sound turned on.
| It does work somewhat:
| I can run "play english.au" and it sounds perfect but gives these
| messages:
| playing english.au
| sox: Sound card appears to only support singled word samples.  Overriding
| format
| sox: Sound card appears to only support 2 channels.  Overriding format

This sounds to me like the .au file has multiple word samples and more
than 2 channels, but since your sound card can't handle that then sox
is adjusting for your sound card.

| If I try to play the same file with xanim, the sound is all choppy and
| fast (sounds like The Chipmunks).

I know nothing about xanim.

What happens if you play an mp3 with xmms?

| Maybe the i810 support isn't very good?

I don't know.  Do you have all DMA channels, io addressed, irqs, etc,
configured right?


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