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Re: Re : append still does not solve the problem NB : Please cc: me if you have any solution

Regarding your question as to where my parport is ,
It is pretty normal , not an additional fitting as far as I know.

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Subject: Re: Re : append still does not solve the problem NB : Please cc: me if you
have any solution

shyamk@eth.net(shyamk@eth.net) is reported to have said:
> As you suggested I gave the append entry :
> Image   = /boot/kernel-2.4.9
>         label   = Woody-249
>         Root    = /dev/hda10
>         VGA     = 0x31A
>         append  = "hdd=cdrom lp=parport0 parport=0x378,none video=vesa"
> (my lilo as installed looks slightly different but that hasn't created any problems
> on any other machine and shouldn't be the cause here.)
>      Summary :
> Starting lpd :            parport0 : detected irq 7 ; use procfs to enable
> driven operation
>  continues to occur.
I think that you must have IRQ 7 assigned to the printer port in your
bios.  If you disable it, in the bios, the above should work.
> I would like to ask you about Interrupts and Parport.
> As per the rules who gets Interrupt 7 ?
> Is it Parport0 ?
it is either the bios or the board.  I don't recall if you said the
printer port was built onto the board or if you have a seperate card
for it.
See above.  The printer does not need an IRQ.  So that it can be
available to other boards (network cards, etc) you can use the append
= to none.

If you have many IRQ's to spare, lucky you, yes, you can change the
none to 7.  I just hate to waste an IRQ on something that doesn't need

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