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Re: changing date's output

On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 05:45:47PM +0200, andrej hocevar wrote:
> hello
> i'd like to change the names of the months into slovenian ones, that is
> the old-style names (like vinotok for october). Of course, there are the
> locale files sl_SI, among them the LC_TIME, which states only those
> 'international' names. now i'd simply like to change that but i don't know
> how to do it, since i don't know the format of that very file, so only
> adding new names results in bad output.
> can anyone help me here?
> thanks,
> andrej hocevar

Slightly OT, but I mistyped and ran the ddate command, which made my day :-)

What are Discordian dates?

(Sorry I can't help you andrej)


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