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mutt and PGP query


I have been trying to encrypt messages with PGP 6.5.8 when using mutt
to no avail.  Signing, and decoding seem to work fine, but mutt
cannot seem to locate the correct key for encoding.

When sending (after indicating that I want the message encrypted), it
asks if it should use keyID  = "0x9643AE65" for provinsd@telusplanet.net
(my userid and address).  When I respond yes, it lists several
choices.  Each has the correct Email adress, and my name, but none
have the correct keyID.  In fact, these keyID's do not correspond to
any in my public key file.

No matter which I choose, PGP cannot encrypt because, as it says:

  Cannot find the public key matching userid '0x72A1F430'
  This user will not be able to decrypt this message.
  Encryption error

This isn't surprising, as the key is incorrect.

For the record, the 'pgp_getkeys_command="pkspxycwrap %r"' doesn't work,
as I don't have the script enabled, but then I figured as I'm using a
public key that I already have, I shouldn't need a key caching proxy.

Does any reader know where I'm going wrong?  I'd appreciate any and
all input.



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