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Re: Re: External IP Address

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 02:50:13PM +0000, Hereward Cooper wrote:
| > /sbin/ifconfig
| >     will display the IP address of all interfaces
| > 
| > It would be really hard for those people to ssh in and read
| > that file
| > unless they first knew the IP, in which case they wouldn't
| > need the
| > file ...
| I know that, what i wanted was a system that would read the IP
| address, write it to a file, upload the file to a webserver
| somewhere, people then read the file, get my ip address and
| login. Long-winded, but the only way i though of.

Ahh, you were going to upload that to a webserver.  That makes much
more sense.  It is similar, though less convenient, to what the
Dynamic DNS Tools do -- they "upload" your IP to a server which then
updates the DNS records.


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