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Re: Emacs/X problems...

>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron Traas <adt6247@njit.edu> writes:

    Aaron> When I start emacs, using my trusty old .emacs file I've
    Aaron> been keeping and maintaining for years, The colors I've
    Aaron> selected aren't quite working right. Basically, I set the
    Aaron> background color to black, and that works, except or where
    Aaron> there's text. Each character taken up by something other
    Aaron> than whitespace has a white background. I've determined
    Aaron> it's something to do with X, as the same .emacs file works
    Aaron> beautifully when I export the display to my Solaris box.

G'day Aaron,

Are you using (set-face-... 'default ...) to set the colours?

I had the same problem with Emacs and fixed it by using
(set-(back|fore)ground-color) to my .emacs

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