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Re: server on a 486/100 with 408mb drive

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 11:24:30PM -0700, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> General rule of Linux:
>  Server, use older mature platform.
>  Client, have fun with latest thing but expect some glitch.
> So you should install potato with Kernel 2.2.

i've already got a server running potato with 2.2.17. I figured
woody was stable enough to be used on a server by now.

> I have woody box (SMP/woody) but my server is 486/DX2 50MHz 20MB 
> running Kernel 2.2 /Potato (here)
>   Mail server (exim) + DNS server + DHCP server + Samba Server +
>   nfs server + ssh server + cvs server +
>   ipchain based packet filter firewall (ipmasq plus some script)
> I can assure you, installing software is pain in slow machine and best
> done with apt-get (run dselect on fast machine and find package).

i was using this same box (486) with potato earlier and yes, it is a
PITA to install software.

> Also, if you are asking this question to the list, you should be staring
> with POTATO.  You can always upgrade to woody later.  Unless you want
> some specific feature, POTATO + 2.2 Kernel is enough.

just a question of been there, done that, with potato. thought
i could get a shot at configuring iptables, that's why i
thought of 2.4.

(Sam Varghese)

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