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Re: XFree 4.1 and DRI stability

Herbert Pirke wrote:
> Hi Debian Users,
> I just got the whole DRI thing working and to try it
> out, I installed Q3-Arena. I'm running an 2.4.8
> SMP-kernel and XFree 4.1. on a Voodoo3.
> The thing is, that this configuration is extremly
> instable. I can reproduce crashes (complete system
> halts!) at any time. I was wondering what made that
> whole DRI thing so
> instable.
> Is it XFree 4?
> Is it the Voodoo3 DRI drivers?
> Is it Quake3?
> Is it the fact that I'm running in SMP?
> I know, I could try out different configurations in
> order to get answers to these questions. Unfortunately
> I don't have the time for that. So I was wondering if
> anyone else had problems of this kind.
> Bye,
> Herbert
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Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn't IRQ load balancing have something to
do with all of this ? And where does AGP fit in ? This is not much help,
I imagine, but
it sounds like a hardware hang to me.

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