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Re: Loadlin Memory Limit

On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 02:01:29PM -0400, Robert Mosher wrote:
| I recently started using Loadlin as my boot manager, and I noticed that 
| Linux only sees 64MB of my 256MB of RAM. Is there a way I can fix this?

You could add a "mem=256" argument to the kernel.  I don't remember
how this would be done with loadlin.

| Note: I'm using loadlin because I have Windows on hda and Linux on hdc. 
| As far as I can tell LILO won't work in this situation. Though if I could
| use LILO, GRUB or another boot loader to solve my memory problem that
| would be an appreciated solution as well. 

It depends : I couldn't use LILO in this situation because my BIOS was
too crappy.  If the BIOS is decent, then LILO should be fine.
However, on my system, GRUB worked just fine with the same setup you
have.  I really like grub, and find it much easier to install and
config (and understand) that LILO too.

You can get a sample grub floppy image from

Use dd to dump it to a disk and then reboot.  See if it works.  There
is a sample menu.lst file on that floppy which includes an example of
booting windows.  You will need to adjust the parameters in the sample
menu.lst to fit the location of linux on your system, but is pretty
much self-explanatory.

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