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Re: question about hostname

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 10:39:45AM -0500, burningclown@westhost43.westhost.com wrote:
> Who "does" what in that situation? The DSL provider (Speakeasy) has
> also provided me with DNS server addresses ... they know nada about the
> domain I'm hosting with another company (should they?) ... that other
> hosting company (WestHost) knows nada about my DSL provider ...
> -Who-, in this scenario, would be the one to do this:
> "configure your DNS zone to have your static IP (say
> to point to pear.mydomain.com:
> pear.mydomain.com. IN A"

There is a big DNS server (plus 12 mirrors) on the Internet which
lists the servers serving every .com domain (this is the lines of
text you pay for when you "buy" a domain name):

burningclown.com. IN NS NS2.WESTHOST.NET
burningclown.com. IN NS NS.WESTHOST.NET

Any names ending in burningclown.com are then listed in the DNS file
at ns2.westhost.net and its one mirror:

www.burningclown.com    IN MX 10 mail.burningclown.com
www.burningclown.com    IN A  xxx.xx.xxx.xxx
burningclown.com        IN NS ns.host4u.net
burningclown.com        IN NS ns2.host4u.net
mail.burningclown.com   IN A  xxx.xx.xxx.xxx
pear.burningclown.com   IN A


The IP addresses on the right could be anywhere at any ISP, but
Westhost may have a policy of charging extra for IP addresses

In your resolv.conf the DNS server you list should be the
one closest to your own computer, i.e. the one at your
DSL provider or one running on your own computer.  This is
just to save bandwidth all around.  ANY normal DNS server
on the internet (e.g. the one at speakeasy) acts as a proxy
which finds the right server for any question and caches
the result for the time specified in the DNS file from
which the result originally came (e.g. the file at westhost
for lookups in your domain).

In your resolv.conf the search line should list the domain you
want associated with the real name of your own computer first,
then any other domains you want to search implicitly when you
don't type anything.  It does the same for DNS names that the
regular PATH variable does for program names.

> ... have I essentially muddied the situation by having a DSL provider and
> a separate host-er?
not at all, here is another example:

www.us.debian.org is at some US ISP
www.dk.debian.org is at some Danish ISP
www.jp.debian.org is at some Japanese ISP

But they are all listed in the same DNS configuration file which
is stored (for maximum uptime) at 4 DNS servers in 4 countries
using 4 different ISPs.


P.S. I got the data for burningclown by simply running
nslookup on my own computer, DNS is a way of publishing

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