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Re: Bogus swap usage problem?

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Ruvolo <chris@ruvolo.org> writes:

Chris> Thanks for the info and your suggestion, but it doesn't seem to
Chris> change things. I have noticed under 2.4.8 that in-use swap
Chris> space doesn't grow as rapidly as 2.4.7, but the problem
Chris> persists. Perhaps I should take this up with the linux-kernel
Chris> list?

I'm on 2.4.9 for the moment. Swap usage seems relatively normal, but I
haven't had time to investigate the situation thouroughly. (This
kernel seems to have a few other weird things.)

My system is up for 25 hours now, so it's a little early to say if
there's still a swap leak.

In any case, the linux-kernel list would be the best place to discuss
your problem.

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