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Re: Re: XF86Setup Error

> They suggest using either xf86cfg or XFree86 -configure, but
> both of these 
> caused my machine (a dell dimension) to crash as (i think)
> they are 
> essentially the same program. 

xf86cfg runs XFree86 -configure to generate a settings file, or
so I read somewhere (manpage?)

when i run xf86cfg i get a flash of what looks like a slick
looking program, but which quickly disappears and responds

Module ABI versions:
	XFree86 ANSI C Emulation: 0.1
Xfree86 Video Driver: 0.3
XFree86 XInput driver : 0.1
XFree86 Server Extension : 0.1
XFree86 Font Renderer : 0.2
Loader running on linux
Illegal instruction

> Try downloading the
> xserver-xfree86 package 
> and running one of those. I'd be interested to know if it
> works on your 
> machine or not.

I've got the package already, but what do you want me to run

> I eventually wound up running xf86config to get a basic
> configuration file 
> and then making a few minor changes by hand.



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