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Re: The Sound of Silence

I'm getting the feeling that the module just isn't working, because on
boot the error is:

Starting Y Sound Server: /dev/dsp: Cannot open for playing.

I believe now that the sbc60xxwdt module is wrong, I should be using the
"sb" one.

The problem is the module won't auto-probe, it dies with an error much
like "Device or Resource busy. This could be caused by invalid IO or IRQ

I got the same error when the OSS sound modules are installed, or
uninstalled. The manual for this no-name machine says "sound blaster"
compatable, but I guess it's not all that compatable.

Back in 96 when I installed Debian the first time, the Sound Blaster I
had was supported. I can't imagine things would have gone backwards, so
I fully expect it's that the sound card isn't quite SB compatable


harshu wrote:
> hi,
> >
> > So I am using the sbc60xxwdt module.
> >
> > The error now is something like "Cannot Open /dev/dsp" and the sound
> > still does not work.
>   This typically happens when the module is not yet loaded. It also
> happens if the permissions of /dev/dsp /dev/mixer are not correct. you
> could change the permission to 666.
> regards
> harsha
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