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Re: Installation of Debian

older systems were MIPS, newer are x86 hardware, and
there may be a CDROM port.

The older versions are MIPS which I have found the Deb distro for this as well as 2.4 kernel patches specifically for the RaQ. I am able to access the Serial port and that is how I plan to install a 'real' OS on it. The only way to reinstall an OS on the RaQ is to netboot (bootp) and load the kernel via NFS as well as the root file system. I got that far and am able to access the OS through the serial port but just need a utility (dbootstrap) to make the installation easy.

debbootstrap - do you know what package this is listed under or how to get the source?


  I've played with some Cobalt hardware, but
never actually got to putting a real OS on it.

If there's a serial port, you should be able to set up a getty on this
and directly access the system using minicom.

You mentioned dbootstrap in a later post.  There's a variant of this
called debbootstrap which functions similarly.

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