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Sendmail DNS Problem???

I'm a newbie to sendmail and am installing for the first time. When sending
a message to an account on the server I have no problem. But when I send to
an external account I get a host name lookup failure. The domain I'm sending
to doesn't matter because all the ones that I've tried has failed.

The log entries for a message and the failure are below. I think that it has
something to do with the

Name server:

entry, I think that there should probably be a name server listed after the
":" but I'm not sure and am looking for confirmation of my suspicious, or a
correction. Also if someone could help me with the proper entries, or point
me to where I can find the proper entries for sendmail.mc, sendmail.cf or



Aug 24 11:38:08 ns sendmail[247]: LAA00247:
from=<chad@ns.enhancetheweb.com>, size=1160, class=0, pri=31160, nrcpts=1,
msgid=<006501c12ccb$8d5ab5c0$6600a8c0@enhancetheweb.com>, proto=SMTP,
relay=adsl-gte-la-216-86-195-145.mminternet.com []
Aug 24 11:39:54 ns sendmail[249]: LAA00247: to=<chad@chadmorgan.com>,
ctladdr=<chad@ns.enhancetheweb.com> (1000/1000), delay=00:01:46,
xdelay=00:01:46, mailer=relay, relay=n, stat=Deferred: Name server: n: host
name lookup failure

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