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On 23 Aug 2001, Jorge Santos wrote:

> Hello, I'm trying to implement (Unix) user authentication in a small network
> at work using ldap and pam_ldap, I've almost done it but I get this
> error when testing the ldap server:
> root@dep3$ ldapsearch -U root
> SASL/LOGIN authentication started
> Please enter your password:
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Out of memory

Try `ldapsearch -x -U root`

There's some bizzare bug in either openldap or sasl (I'm guessing the latter)
with parts of authentication if the default mechanism isn't in /etc/sasldb

Rick Nelson
<Knghtbrd> It is when the example source won't compile ...
<``Erik> then you fucked something up
<Knghtbrd> Nope, I followed their instructions
<``Erik> that may've been your problem :}

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