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Quake3 hangs after GL Initialisation


I have a woody/sid running on XFree 4.1 and a 2.4.7
SMP Kernel. My soundcard is a SB64 PCI (es1371) and
the grafic board is a Voodoo3 3000.

I had DRI properly configured and everything was
working fine. Q3 ran at decent framerates and with

But when I started playing around with the video
settings, I suddely had some unexpected crashes
(complete halts of the system!). And all of a sudden I
can't start Q3 any more. It initialises all the GL
extensens and when it says "Sound Init", it just stops
right after this header. When I moved my mouse, I
could scroll to other parts of the screen, as if Q3
didin't switch in fullscreen mode but changed to
640x400 with leaving the virtual desctop size to

Does anyone know why this happend? I already
re-installed Q3 and Xfree 4.1 nut it didn't help...


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