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Re: Upgrade

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 09:20:38AM +1000, Joel Mayes wrote:
> >>>>> "GECOS" == GECOS  <buchanan6870@home.com> writes:
>     GECOS> Is there any way to upgrade to a higher version of debian ?
>     GECOS> I always get lost in `dselect' or `apt-get' . Greg
> Try ``apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade''

er... try that after you look at '/etc/apt/sources.list'.
I assume you're running 'potato', as that's what now is 'stable' and 
is what gets installed by the bootdisks. So, you're probably either 
thinking of:

A) When does Debian v2.x or v3.0 or something come out?
    If this is your question, check that the lines in sources.list 
    say 'stable' and not 'potato', so that when 'woody' becomes 
    'stable', the entire system should be updated rather painlessly, 
    though requiring a rather large download of new packages. And 
    this should be happening Real Soon Now. ;)

2) All my software is out of date. I want new stuff.
    In this case, you can try 'testing' if you're feeling brave, or
    'unstable' if you're feeling brave, lucky, etc. :)  If you just 
    want newer stuff, you could put 'woody' in sources.list, and it 
    will eventually become stable. If you want / need the latest 
    stuff, that would be unstable. I think it's called that to scare 
    people away even though it is fairly stable, since occasionly 
    something goes TERRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG. ;)  If you decide to go 
    to testing or unstable, you might want to wait a week as there's 
    been some glitches in the upgrade of some important packages 
    that aren't quite fixed yet.

HTH, though I think I got carried away and this is probably all 
    explained on www.debian.org somewhere. :)
Mike McGuire

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